Our Company

Asia EconomyWith main activity field as special afforestation, energy, mining and investment consultancy, it was established in 2006. As a result of corporate identity studies, energy and mining areas transferred to, İbrahim Sancı A.Ș. as its main activity field in 2015 which owns the Asian Economy and Investment Consultancy Agriculture and Forest Products Construction Tourism Trade Limited Company.

Asia Economy; with main activity field as agriculture, forestry, landscaping, energy, mining and investment consultancy, it continues to grow and develop with its leading position in the sector and with its experience and knowledge accumulated over the past 11 years.

Asia economy; it is aimed to support domestic and foreign fund sources and development agencies with financial resources such as grants, tenders and credits to individuals, corporations, non-governmental organizations, local governments, public institutions and other institutions and organizations, especially with international organizations such as European Union, World Bank and United Nations projects. Provides professional technical support services to domestic and international project writing, project development, project management and resource development. Asya Tarım operates in line with the professional ethical standards determined by the International Advisors Council and works with experienced consultants and technical experts in the field, develops special projects for the institutions and supports project management.