Truffle Mushroom Cultivation

The truffle; Due to its taste, odor and unique flavor, known to people since ancient times and the place at the table is always a privileged. It continues its life as a symbiotic of the root of high-structured trees. Truffle mushrooms collected from natural forest areas in the World are decreasing day by day, due to the increase in demand, prices are rising considerably. Hence, great progress has been made in cultural studies over the last 20 years.

Extreme, uncontrolled and unconscious collection of truffle mushrooms from forest areas makes it difficult to sustainably benefit from factors such as constriction of growing areas, climate change and environmental pollution. The value of truffle mushrooms, called "black diamonds" in the world, which is one of the biological riches of our country, is increasing day by day.

Truffle mushroom in the World, grows naturally at Spain, France, Italy and Turkey, which is in the Mediterranean Climate Zone.